Concert in Delft (NL) – Teather de Veste

Theater De Veste Asvest 1, Delft, Zuid Holland

Luca Ridolfo presents his first solo album 'To My Friends'. An album dedicated to the friends we all have. Social distancing during the Covid-19 period made Luca realize even more how important our friends are. Luca's music is a tribute to the bond we have with our friends and a celebration of their different characters. […]


Album Presentation @ “PianoCity Pordenone” (IT)

Palazzo Ricchieri Pordenone Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 51, Pordenone, Pordenone

Luca Ridolfo is going to present his new album "To My Friends" at the Italian Piano Festival, "PianoCity Pordenone", on the 17th of June 2022 - 11.30 AM Free Entrance. For more info, visit

Album Presentation @ “Gluren bij de Buren” (NL)

Laaktheater Ferrandweg 4T, Den Haag, Zui Holland

Luca Ridolfo is going to present his piano solo album in the Festival "Gluren bij de Buren" in Laaktheater Den Haag (NL). Three sets at 13.45 - 15.15 - 16.45 No need to reservation - 'Pay what you can' Ticket

Luca Ridolfo & Davide Rasetti – Solo Piano in Matrix (Rotterdam)

Matrix Rotterdam Mauritsstraat 16, Rotterdam

Luca Ridolfo and Davide Rasetti, two young talented pianists, both (coincidentally) from Italy, will play "their thing" separately in Matrix (Rotterdam). For this occasion, for the first time in Rotterdam, Luca Ridolfo will present his new album "To My Friends". At the end of the evening, the two of them will sit at the piano […]

Luca Ridolfo – Solo Piano in Touchstone Atelier (Utrecht)

Touchtone Atelier Oudegracht aan de Werf 427, Utrecht

Luca Ridolfo will present his first Piano Solo Album, “To My Friends”, in Touchstone Atelier. His album is dedicated to the friends we all have. The spark given by the social distance of Covid-19 allowed Luca Ridolfo to understand how important our friends are. The music of Luca Ridolfo is a tribute to the bonds […]

Luca Ridolfo @ Cafe Le Duc – Den Haag

Cafe LeDuc Noordeinde 137, Den Haag

Luca Ridolfo will play in Cafe Le Duc on the 1st of December with Alessio Calore (double bass). Free entrance - Starts at 21.00  

Solo Piano @ Bistrot Amelie

Bistrot Amelie Javastraat 138A, Den Haag, Zuid Holland

Luca Ridolfo will be playing at Bistrot Amelie (Den Haag) from 19.00 to 22.00 on Saturday the 28th. Reservation is recommended.

Luca Ridolfo plays Standard @ Gluren Bij De Buren

Luca Ridolfo returns to "Gluren Bij De Buren" for a new solo piano concert. Having played his music in the previous edition, with this concert, Luca plays a reinterpretation of a collection of Jazz Standards that everyone knows, mixing the new with the old. For more info, please refer to the link: