About Me

The First Steps

Luca Ridolfo began his musical journey playing the piano at eight years old. Demonstrating a keen interest in playing the piano, he rapidly developed his pianistic skills in the classical repertoire studying with renowned pianists and teachers of North Italy.

While starting studying Traditional Harmony at age 13, he discovered the world of Jazz music, first as a listener and then practising it in the Conservatory “F. Venezze” – Rovigo. 

Having the possibility of studying and performing with some of the best Italian and international musicians (Marco Tamburini, Bruno Cesselli, Rudy Fantin, Stefano Onorati, David Binney, Aaron Parks, Aaron Goldberg), he expanded his musical views in Jazz, Rock, Gospel, Pop, Funky. 


Luca Ridolfo with Marco Tamburini and Jasper Blom in Naples (Italy).

Luca's Jazz Collective

Luca Ridolfo receiving an award from Cheryl Porter.

Because of his ability to adapt to the musical context, one night Luca was sitting with 14-pieces Jazz Big Band, and the other night he was playing synthesizers in a Rock Band. In this way his musical vision started to blend different ideas.

Not only ideas blended but also people. His willingness of putting together people with different stories and sounds in the Province of Pordenone (North-east Italy) gave him the fuel to start the musical collective “PNJCollective”. As a result of this project, many concerts and masterclasses were organized, open to every musician. 

The Netherlands - 1st Album

The desire to discover new worlds was so intense that he ended up moving to the Netherlands, studying in The Royal Conservatory – Den Haag. 

This experience allowed him to refine some elements of Luca Ridolfo playing while developing something personal that could reflect his personality. 

The Covid-19 isolation that made playing with other musicians impossible gave him the final spark to start something unique. With his first Piano Solo Album, “To My Friends”, Luca Ridolfo wants to express that message of friendship that no distance can divide.

Recorded in March 2022 in the Artesuono Studio of Stefano Amerio (ECM), with a Fazioli Grand Piano F278 mk III, now it’s possible to listen to it. For more information and order a copy, click here.