To My Friends

Debut Album

Luca Ridolfo has released his first Piano Solo Album, “To My Friends”, an album dedicated to the friends we all have. The spark given by the social distance of Covid-19 allowed Luca Ridolfo to understand how important our friends are. The music of Luca Ridolfo is a tribute to the bonds we have with our friends and a celebration of their different characters.

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Digital Version

To My Friends

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  • 9 tracks in MP3 (320kbps) 
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  • BONUS: Hidden Track
  • BONUS: Video Booklet

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To My Friends

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  • BONUS: Hidden Track
  • BONUS: Video Booklet

What people say about the album

"Full of surprises"

How much pride and how much I have learnt from listening to him.
Imagining the paths that one piano can suggest is a solo journey on a planet full of surprises.

Bravo Luke!
Highly recommended listening

Rudy Fantin

Luca Ridolfo Album review

"Genuine and fresh music"

If you get a chance, visit the site of this jazz pianist: Luca Ridolfo.

He was my pupil for the classical part, he released his first solo record, and it is really a valuable record, genuine and fresh music, nice ideas, well played.
He deserves to be discovered and listened to.

Carlo Corazza


I recently received a copy of this record from Luca Ridolfo, a fantastic pianist and dear friend with whom I had the immense pleasure of sharing a lot of time within the conservatory’s walls. “To My Friends” is an album recorded entirely in piano solo and offered extremely interesting and pleasant music, rich in inspiration even for those who are musicians and from which I am sure I will try to draw as much inspiration as possible.

Run and order a copy; it’s worth it! 🔥🔥

Riccardo Del Maschio

"The CD is wonderful"

I am very proud of this dedication from a friend and good musician, I have only played with Luca twice and it was beautiful, the CD is wonderful, to have met him even for a few minutes was exciting …

Diego Flaiban