Luca Ridolfo

Jazz pianist


To My Friends

Debut Album

Luca Ridolfo will present his first Piano Solo Album “To My Friends”, an album dedicated to the friends we all have. The spark given by the social distance of Covid-19 allowed Luca Ridolfo to understand how important our friends are. The music of Luca Ridolfo is a tribute to the bonds we have with our friends and a celebration of their different characters.

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ipod tomyfriends digital

To My Friends - Digital Version


In it, you will find:

  • 9 tracks in MP3 (320kbps) 
  • 9 tracks in CD Quality (44.1 kHz – 16 bit)
  • 9 tracks in HQ Quality (96 kHz – 24 bit)
  • Plus Bonuses

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To My Friends - Physical Album (+ digital)


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In it, you will find:

  • Physical CD
  • Digital Version of the Album
  • Album signed by LR
  • Plus Bonuses

Together with the album you will receive...

If you are a REAL FAN of Luca Ridolfo’s music, you cannot miss out on these two bonuses:

  • The interview where Luca Ridolfo is going to explain to you the meaning and the story behind each track.
  • The bonus track of “Storia Che Nessuno Sa” – not present on the album