Create Your Music – Piano Masterclass

The goal of the masterclass is to show how your piano students can create and improvise new music on the piano with little or no preparation.

The students will practically apply at the piano the concepts explained by Luca Ridolfo. They will improve their ear perception skills and knowledge of theory and harmony by going through this masterclass.

The masterclass is aimed at piano students who have some confidence with the piano and are curious to explore the sounds they can get out of it.

It’s possible to combine the masterclass with the accompanying concert of Luca Ridolfo presenting his solo piano music from his last album, “To My Friends”.

Benefits for you - the music school

  • Zero work for you: You (the music school) will receive all the promotional material regarding the masterclass. You will receive physical and digital versions of the poster and flyers for the event. Plus, the email promotional text that you can send them to your students.
  • Easy to organize: The masterclass is 90 minutes long. For you, this means that you don’t have to block a room for a long period, while giving your students enough time to apply the concepts explained.
  • Little material is required for the masterclass: An electric or acoustic piano and an amplification system. If you don’t have it at your disposal, then it’s possible to have it provided by me.
  • Retain your students longer: Having better students spend more time in your school (following this masterclass, for example) translates into retaining them longer. 
  • An opportunity for your students to reinforce what has been learned in their weekly piano lessons. 
  • Promotion for your school: I’ll help you to promote the masterclass on social media and locally, promoting your music school as well.
  • A professional educator gives the masterclass: Luca Ridolfo, piano teacher and owner of “Studio MusicalMente” in Den Haag, gives the masterclass. Throughout his teaching experience of more than ten years, he taught more than 100 students.

Benefits for your students

  • Practical masterclass: the students will be encouraged to try what they have learned directly at the piano. 
  • Learn new concepts: The student will learn new techniques regarding Ear Training, Composition and Harmony, in an easy and practical way.  
  • Easy to follow masterclass: A printed booklet will be provided for free by Luca Ridolfo to all the masterclass students so that it’s easy for them to follow through.
  • Video-Recording of the masterclass is available to all the participants through subscribing to the mailing list of Luca Ridolfo.
  • Be followed by a professional educator: Luca Ridolfo teaches regularly these topics and can reply to whatever question the students have in a simple and clear way.

Program of the Masterclass

The masterclass is divided in four topics: 

The Melody

  • How to compose your own melodies in a simple way.
  • How to improve your ear by composing your own melodies.
  • How to develop a melody in an easy way.

The Harmony

  • How to be creative with the harmony, without knowing the chords.
  • How to connect the Melody and the Harmony.

The Rhythm

  • The rhythm patterns you need to know.
  • How to be creative with the rhythm.

The Arrangement

  • How to use the various register of the piano.
  • How to connect all the elements seen in the masterclass together.

What you will receive

Printed and Digital Flyers

You will receive the flyers both in digital and printed form. You will receive the printed flyers via post. The flyers will contain your music school logo. You can choose to have them in Dutch or in English.

Pre-made email

You will receive the email you can send directly to your students, without having to think about what to write. It's already done for you. You can choose to have them in Dutch or in English.

Practical details in short

  • Masterclass Lenght: 90 minutes
  • If you would like to include the solo concert of Luca Ridolfo playing his own music, this is 45 min long.
  • Only a piano is necessary.
  • The language used for the masterclass: English-Dutch (for kids).
  • Student Level: from the early intermediate to the more advanced pianists.
  • 2 Payment options possible: 50/50 between the Music School and Luca Ridolfo from the tickets sold OR flat fee. 

Photos of the previous masterclasses

Who gives the masterclass?

Luca Ridolfo

Luca Ridolfo has been playing the piano since the age of 8, initially studying classical and then continuing his studies focusing on Jazz. At 14 years old he was called to play in the presence of the then President of the Republic Carlo Azeglio Ciampi during his visit to Pordenone. Graduated with full marks in Jazz Piano at the “F. Venezze” – Rovigo, he earned a second master’s degree at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague. He has collaborated with nationally and internationally renowned artists (Rudy Fantin, Marco Tamburini, Jasper Blom) and has played in the presence of King William Alexander of the Netherlands and Ahmed Aboutaleb, Mayor of Rotterdam. In May 2022, he released his first solo album entitled ‘To My Friends’. In 2018 he founded “Studio MusicalMente” together with Boukje van Gelder, to create a music school in Den Haag for adults only. From 2020 he teaches also in De Vak (Delft) and online in his italian website dedicated to learning the jazz piano

Would you like to organize this masterclass in your school?

If you would like to do so or you would like to have more information about organizing this masterclass with Luca Ridolfo, you can contact him via email or calling at: – (+31) 6 539 17 314